AI Automations Experimental

  • Generate an idea based on the role system
  • Auto-generated prompt from the generated idea
  • Stable diffusion API connection or Dall-e to generate a batch of images with the PROMPT
  • Publication of the batch of images to my website and on social networks
  • Creation of slideshow with transitions and music using ffmpeg
  • Publishing videos on video platforms

The objective of this project is to generate an "idea" based on a system of roles with which later finish generating a prompt using GPT3.5 Instruct.

This prompt will be used to generate a batch/collection of images using the Stable Diffusion API although it is also possible to use Dall-e.

Once a batch of images is generated they will be uploaded to my own API to be stored as a gallery.

Subsequently, the images will be published on the integrated social networks. Mostly: Twitter , Instagram , Mastodon , Telegram

Then, with all those images and using the ffmpeg video tool, you create automatically a slideshow with transitions between images and background music.

This video will be automatically uploaded to tiktok with selenium and Youtube using your api and it will also be synchronized by sending a request to my api so that the video is set as collection/gallery cover.


I started this project out of interest in learning about the rise of artificial intelligence and possibilities that these tools currently offer.

Another aspect that caught my attention when carrying out this project is the possibility of Learn to work by connecting all the APIs of social networks and video platforms like YouTube.

Generating images is quite fun and you can also use it for project covers or images with which to fill web developments that I carry out.

The main objective is to experiment and learn although I would also like to leave some passive income trying to sell images on stock platforms and perhaps with some ads that are not intrusive for the user. cost of maintaining hardware.


My name is Raúl Caro Pastorino On the networks you can find me with the nickname @raupulus

I am a backend web developer and I mainly work with php/laravel and javascript/vue.js although I also sometimes develop in other languages such as python or bash.

I am passionate about electronics and IOT, I usually always have some project on the work table. You can find some of my projects in the repositories of Gitlab and Github